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Published on Thu, 29 Jun, 2017 New Initiative

Inland Fisheries Development:

Fish Seed Production:   The most important programme implemented by the Department is fish seed production. During 2016-17, it is targeted to produce 250 millions of fish seed both from public and private sector and the State could produced the 215 millions.


Production of table fish:  The main objectives of the fisheries development in the state is to increase production of fish from fresh water resources through extensive /semi intensive  /intensive fish farming through adoption of modern scientific techniques. The target for fish production of the state by the end of 2016 – 2017 is fixed as 35,000 tonnes and the State  could produced about 31,995 tonnes only.


Training: One year’s Training Course on Inland Fisheries Development and Management is continuing at the Department Inland Fisheries Training Centre at Lamhelpat. Altogether 36 candidates including 11 candidates (3 from Mizoram, 4 from Nagaland and 4 from Arunachal Pradesh) have been selected for undergoing training during the year, 2016-17.  Further, the Department nominated 9 (nine) candidates for studying 4 years B.F.Sc. Course at the College of Fisheries, Agartala, Tripura.


Assistance to Pisciculturist:  Under the Devolution of Powers, the Fisheries Department, Manipur  had transferred the “Assistance to Pisciculture Scheme” for implementation through the Panchayats of 4 (four) valley districts viz., Imphal West, Imphal East, Thoubal and Bishnupur and 6 (six) Autonomous District Councils of Manipur namely – Senapati, Ukhrul, Churachandpur, Chandel, Tamenglong and Sadar Hill District Council  Kangpokpi for which a sum of Rs. 12 lakh will be deposited  during the  year 2017-18 for implementation of the Scheme.


Fish Farmers’ Development Agencies and Centrally Sponsored Schemes (FFDAs) :  The Department implementing Development of Inland Aquaculture and Fisheries viz., construction of new ponds/tanks, reclamation  of ponds and tanks and input cost for  Freshwater Aquaculture  and 375.00 ha.  water areas are brought under fish culture  activities, till date 2017.


Housing Scheme:  Under the National Welfare for fishermen scheme, poor fishermen are given financial assistance for construction of their dwelling houses, community tanks, tube-wells etc.  During 2015-16, the Department has targeted to construct 300 nos. of low cost houses for fishermen and 12 nos. of community tanks with an estimated cost of Rs. 230.40 lakh covering 4 districts of Manipur and work is still continued. Proposal for 2017-18 has been submitted.


Accident Insurance Scheme :  Under the scheme, so far  12,500 nos. of fishermen have been insured up to the end of 2016-17 and during 2017-18 the department has setting a target of 300 nos. of fishermen to insure under the scheme.


FRP Boat:  Inaugurated from 2005 by CIFT, Kochi under Demonstration-cum-Production Programme  more than 70 nos. of FRP Boats were constructed so far.


Canning : Demonstration-cum-Production Programme, Department had manufactured 150 tin fish i.e. 80 nos. on 31/10/2016 at Fish Fair, 2016 and 70 nos.  on Regional Agriculture Fair, 2016-17 at College of Agriculture, CAU, Imphal during November, 10-12-2016.


Processing: Processing unit is under progress. All required infrastructure and equipments have been almost completed and waiting  installation/commission from the CIFT, Kochi authority.


Mass Scale Production of State Fish Pengba :  The Scheme is implemented to increase the production of Pengba fish in the state during 2016. 150 nos. of beneficiaries have been selected for the said programme during 2016-17.


Pen culture in and around Loktak Lake and other wetland areas:  To increase the fish production from the open water, pen culture in the wetland areas has been taken up through selected beneficiaries numbering 150.


Infrastructure Development

i)                   Constructed of 6 nos. of 4 ha. ponds and 2 nos. of 3.5 ha. ponds at Utrapat  Fy. No. 72 of Bishnupur District.

ii)                 Construction of ring bund and 7 nos. of ponds of different areas having 5.28 ha. in the remaining areas of Haotakpat have been completed.


National Mission of Protein Supplementary (NMPS) sub-component of RKVY:


            The Fishery Department has taken up a project “Development of Reservoir Fisheries in Manipur’ at Takmu Fish Farm.  During 2015-16 the Scheme is continuing by stocking fish yearlings of different varieties specially State fish “Pengba” and Indian Major carps such as Rohu and Mrigal size ranging from  6-11 cm with a stocking capacity of 800 nos. per cage to 48 cages with floating feed having more p rotein percentage. The same is harvested on the eve of Ningol Chakouba festival during November, 2015. The scheme is still continued.


Assistance under National Fisheries Development Board (NFDB), Hyderabad:


            The Department of Fisheries, Manipur has been implementing the following schemes sanctioned by the NFDB, Hyderabad.


i)         Training & Demonstration Programme :

Under Human Resource Management  programme of NFDB, Training  and Demonstration Programme on Intensive Fish Farming  Technologies were conducted during 2016-17 in 15 batches benefiting 450 fish farmers covering all the District of Manipur. Training and demonstration programme of  100 selected


fish farmers of all districts to be held at Directorate of Fisheries, Lamphelpat during  June/July, 2017 under NFDB, Hyderabad


ii)        Stocking of Fish Fingerling at Loktak Lake during 2016-17:

Under Reservoir Fisheries Development of National Fisheries Development Board, 12.5 lakh  of  fish fingerlings  have been released into the Loktak Lake  during 2016-17.

iii)       Stocking of fish fingerling at Thoubal dam Reservoir, Khuga Dam Reservoir and Khoupum Dam Reservoir during 2016-17 :  Under Reservoir Fisheries Development of National Fisheries Development Board, the Department of Fisheries, Manipur has released fish fingerling into Thoubal Dam  Reservoir  (6 lakh fish fingerlings), Khuga Dam Reservoir (1 lakh fish fingerling) and Khoupum Dam Reservoir ( (1 lakh fish fingerling) during 2016-17.


iv)       Exposure visit programme:-

            National Fisheries Development Board has sanctioned financial assistance for exposure visit programme of 100 fish farmers to Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal during 2016-17 in five batches.  The programme for the first batches have already conducted and the remaining batches will be conducting shortly.

v)        Construction of new ponds and Tanks:

            The NFDB has sanctioned financial assistance for construction of new ponds/tanks under Intensive Aquaculture Programme and released 50% of the amount sanctioned under this scheme.  Altogether 200 ha. area have been brought under fish culture through 756 fish farmers during 2016-17.

            The fund under NFDB, Hyderabad has released 100% to the concerned DFOs/CEOs for renovation of Fish Seed Hatcheries of Govt. Farms under Intensive Aquaculture Programme during 2016-17.

North Eastern Council (NEC): 

             Under the development of Paddy-cum-Pisciculture Scheme in the 5 Hills Districts of Manipur, NEC have approved a total outlay of Rs. 840 lakh. Implementation of the scheme had already been started.