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Published on Fri, 21 Jul, 2017 Press Release

Imphal, July 20, 2017, DIPR: A book titled “Lumbini Leikolda Sathouba Leirang” (A travelogue on Nepal visit penned  by Sahitya Bhushan awardee  Dr. Ch. Jamini Devi & published by Shree Shree Govinda Raseswari Pala Marup ) was released today at Raj Bhavan Darbar Hall in  the presence of Hon’ble Governor of Manipur ,Dr. Najma A Heptulla as the Chief Guest.

Padmashree Shri R.K Jhalajit attended the releasing ceremony as the President and Sahitya Akademi Award recipient Prof. Jodhachandra Sanasam  graced the function as the Guest of Honour.

Delivering  the welcome and keynote address, writer of the book Dr. Ch. Jamini expressed her heartfelt thanks to the Governor for letting allow her book to be released at the auspicious Raj Bhavan Darbar Hall which is of immense value & rare privilege to her  & her Shree Shree Govinda Raseswari Pala Marup. Appreciating Dr. Najma A Heptulla as great  parliamentarian and icon in the field of women empowerment, she said that she had taken her suggestions and blessings before leaving for her Nepal trip along with her 30 Raseswari Pala members .The photograph of Raseswari Pala members along with the Governor is also included in the book. She further stated that the special personality & humility of the Governor can be known when she avoided all protocols and travelled to Ima Market just recently.

Talking about the book, she expressed that the book is not merely a travelogue but a symbol of cultural message –that of love, integrity and cultural integration that tries to establish a cultural link between Manipur(India) and Nepal. She narrated that they visited the Hon’ble Madam President of Nepal,Smt. Vidya Bhandariji and exchanged views regarding the cultural relation  between Manipur and Nepal. She made a mention of how Maharaj Bodhachandra married princess Iswari Devi of Nepal and later made her the queen of Nepal. Talking about the title of the book “Lumbini Leikolda Sathouba Leirang”, she  said that it is based on their visit to the historic Lumbini garden in Nepal where Lord Gautam Buddha was born.

Giving a brief insight on the activities taken up by Raseswari Pala, Dr.  Jamini said that it is contributing towards the preservation and propagation of art and culture in and outside the state by organising seminars and cultural festivals at different places like Nabadwip dham, Puri, Pashupati Nath,Rangoon,Saigang and Shantiniketan.

Giving a review on the book, Prof. Jodhachandra Sanasam  said that Dr.  Jamini  a lover of nature by the way she expresses her feelings when she saw the flora and fauna of Nepal as she travels by. He critically analysed   that the book will definitely be the birth of Manipuri literature . He said, “Having associated with education, social norms and study of environment, she discusses about ancient artefacts and gives her views on   stretching hands to Buddhism. She is a prolific writer, having produced more than 40 books to her credit ranging in subjects from essays, short stories, poetry, travelogue and Manipuri culture and heritage.”

Expressing happiness over   releasing the book and Dr.  Jamini ‘s zeal for travelling, Dr. Najma  Heptulla said that though ,Manipur is small in terms of size and population , the region is immensely rich in terms of culture, tradition, oral history, and dance. She strongly supported Socrates’s view that oral remembrance of history is better than writing.

Sharing her love for travelling and meeting people belonging to different languages and culture, she said that she had visited the pagodas where world famous historians like Huien Tsang,Fa Hien & Ibn Batuta came from. Till today, we can see India’s footprints in Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia , China, Japan and Myanmar, she said.

She later requested Dr.  Jamini to get her book translated in other languages like English in order to get a wider readership.

Giving  the presidential speech, R.K Jhalajit appreciated the work of Dr.  Jamini and that of Raseswari Pala in reviving the  Sankirtan culture of the State. (DIPR)