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Published on Wed, 01 Mar, 2023 Both

Imphal February 28, 2023 (DIPR): During the question houron the Seventh Day of the 3rd Session of the 12thManipur Legislative Assembly held today, Leader of the house and the Chief Minister of Manipur Shri N. Biren Singh informed the House thatthe cabinet has resolved to ban mining of Minerals including sand in riverbeds with the help of machines in the state. However, manual mining will be streamlinedconsidering the livelihood of the manual labourers. The manual workers can continue their work with prior permissions from Commerce & Industries and Forest Departments.Chief Minister made the statement in reply to the Calling Attention put up by MLA, Shri Surjakumar Okram on the illegal mining leading to deterioration of Thoubal river.

Leader of the House Shri N. Biren Singhstated that we, the human beings, are selfish and some of the people have no civic sense. He said that 99 per cent of the people are not aware of setting up toilets properly. They built toilets near the running river irrespective of whether they are contaminating the water which are consumed by others. He informed the House that recently the government has done a mass drive of eviction of toilets and cleaning the river banks stretching from Kangpokpi to Imphal river. He also said that Singda Dam is drying up because of the cutting down of trees on the hills around Singda, leading to scarcity of drinking water.

Shri Biren further informed the House that the government has taken up steps from time to time by arresting the persons involved in illegal mining and quarrying especially at Thoubal river.For the survival strategy, the people are illegally mining sand and others, neglecting the consequences that affects the future generation. He said that any activities that are disastrous to the environment will be seriously dealt with as per the law. He informed the House that locations are being identified by Industry Department and Forest Department. Proposals are sent to the Centre for consent to preserve the areas, he added.

Replying to the queries of MLAShri Surjakumar Okram, Minister of Relief and Disaster Management Shri Awangbow Newmai stated that the Government declared Drought during kharif-2019 on 31st August, 2019. Based on the field survey on various parameters, the State Government sought Rs. 151.04 crore as relief assistance from National Disaster Response Fund (NDRF). The Ministry sanctioned Rs. 26.53 crore in 2020 as assistance, he added.

Minister of Textiles, Commerce and Industries Smt. Nemcha Kipgen informed the August House that no stone crusher is permitted/licensed to function in paddy land. She added that the permit/license for stone crushers is issued under ‘The Manipur Factories Rules, 2021’.

Forest, Environment & Climate Change Minister Shri Th. Biswajit Singh informed the House that there is no forest village in the Nongmaiching Reserved Forest and that there is no Reserved Forest by the name of Leimaching Reserve Forest. He added that construction of religious and memorial structures in Reserved Forest area are not allowed without the prior forest clearance from the Central Government under the Forest (Conservation) Act, 1980 after promulgation of the Act from 25th October, 1980.He further stated that the structures that are related to religion cannot be evicted considering the social sentiments of the people.

Replying to a query raised by MLA K. Ranjit Singh, Power Minister Shri Th. Biswajit Singh informed the House that during peak hour 250 MW of power are needed in the State. The pre-construction workof Loktak Downstream amounting to Rs. 63.5389 crores have been completed but the work of Project Construction is yet to start.


Imphal February 28, 2023 (DIPR):On the seven day of the 2nd part of the ensuing 12th Manipur Legislative Assembly session, the House unanimously passed seven demands for grants amounting to Rupees 37,616,329,000. Thedemands for grants are (i) Demand No. 22 : Public Health Engineering  (ii) Demand No. 26 : Administration of Justice (iii) Demand No. 34:  Rehabilitation  (iv) Demand No. 36: Minor Irrigation (v) Demand No. 37: Fisheries (vi) Demand No. 41: Art & Culture  and (vii) Demand No. 44: Social Welfare.

For Demand No. 22 : Public Health Engineering a sum of Rs 2223,44,81,000 (ii) Demand No. 26 : Administration of Justice a sum of Rs 143,57,35,000 (iii) Demand No. 34:  Rehabilitation a sum of Rs 7,38,66,000 (iv) Demand No. 36: Minor Irrigation a sum of Rs 302,76,41,000(v) Demand No. 37: Fisheries a sum of Rs 62,55,00,000 (vi) Demand No. 41: Art & Culture a sum of Rs  53,71,49,000 and (vii) Demand No. 44: Social Welfare a sum of Rs 968,19,57,000  have been granted and passed in the House for the financial year ending 31st March, 2024.

During the discussion on demands for grants, MLAs Shri K.Meghachandra, Shri Th. Lokeshwar Singh and Shri SurjakumarOkram moved cut motions on demands no 22, 36,37,41and 44 which were later withdrawn and passed in the House. MLAs Shri SapamNishikant and Shri M.Rameshwaralso joined in the demand discussion and expressed their observation  and suggestions on the demands of P.H.E.D and Art & Culture.

Replying to a cut motion by the MLAs, Leader of the House Shri N. Biren Singh informed that for progressive functioning of minor irrigation department, the co-ordination between M.I, CADA and Water Resources department is required. There are 217 RLIs out of which around  132 are functioning at present. The non-functioning RLIs will be made functional after proper examination. Digging of bore well under the PMKSY is going on. Proposal for the construction of check dam in the foothills  has been submitted to the concerned Ministry, he added.

Regarding Art & Culture, Shri N. Bireninformed the House that Art & Culture which is  also being the identity of the state is our pride. 38.81 hectors of land has been procured in Imphal East for the construction of Manipur Cultural University.  Rupees4,97,85,500 (four crore,ninety seven lakh, eighty five thousand five hundred) has been paid as cost for purchasing the land. Recruitment for staffs for the university has been started.

The Leader of the House further stated that during the G-20 summit in Manipur, the visiting delegates were quite impressed by the rich culture of the state. Film is not declared as an industry in Manipur but the government is making efforts to develop films of the state  recognizing the popularity of Manipuri films. The government is planning to open offices of Art & Culture at the sub divisional levels. He also mentioned that Rani Gaidinliu memorial site will be constructed at Nungkao. There are 122 registered cultural organizations in the state, he informed.

During the demand discussion of Public Health Engineering Department, Minister in-charge of the department Shri L.Susindro Meitei said that the department is regularly checking quality of drinking water. An individual requires 135 liters per day in urban areas, 70 liters per day in town areas  and 55 liters per day in rural areas as assessed by the department.  The Government is planning to start water treatment at Lamphel lake. Minister also stated that a law will be prepared for regulation of private water suppliers in the next assembly session.

Fishery & Social welfare Minister Shri Heikham Dingo Singh  during the demand discussion informed the House that the production of fish has been increased during the past few years  in the state. The production of fish last year had reached 45MT against 38MT in the previous year. During the fish festival of NingolChakouba 2022, 1.28lakh kg of fish could be sold generating an amount of Rs 3.33 crore.  Central schemes like PMMSY,RKVY, NFDB etc. have been implemented to develop fisheries in the state. Loktak Livelihood Mission may be mentioned as a scheme launched by the state. Action plan for the year 2022-23 have been submitted.  A high power committee has also been constituted to inquire misappropriation of departmental funds, he informed.