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Published on Fri, 21 Jul, 2017 Press Release

Imphal, July 20, 2017 (DIPR) : The Second Session of the Eleventh Manipur Legislative Assembly began today with presentation of Budget Estimates, 2017-18 by the Deputy Chief Minister (in-charge of Finance) Shri Y. Joykumar Singh.

While presenting the Budget Estimates of the Government of Manipur for the year 2017-18, Shri Joykumar Singh said that the government is committed to serve the the people of the state with utmost sincerity, dedication and unflinching effort to fulfil the peole's aspirations. The govt. had only little time to prepare the revised estimates for 2016-17 and Budget estimates for 2017-18. Therefore, only a vote on account for budget estimates, 2017-18 to enable the govt. to discharge its responsibilities and meet all essential expenditure during the first four months of 2017-18 could be presented. To mention some of the major initiatives undertaken by the govt. in the first 100 days are, the Manipur Goods & Services Tax Act 2017 was enacted on 5/6/2017 paving the way for GST to be implemented in the state of Manipur/. The Manipur Goods & Services Tax Act 2017 has replaced the Value Added Tax Act 2004 and 2 others Acts in the State.

Finance minister further said that to the fiscal policy, the priority of the govt. was to exercise fiscal prudence and maintain financial discipline. The state's own resources comprise about 10% of the total revenue receipts while the rest comes from Central transfers in the form of Grant in aid and State's share in Central Taxes. As compared to last financial year, the total revenue receipts have shown an estimated increase from Rs 9950.15 crore to Rs 11096.25 crore.

The annual exercise of budgeting is designed for optimal and balanced allocation of the resources available taking into account the larger socio-political and economic considerations. For 2017-18, the total receipts is estimated at Rs 12510.61 crore out of which revenue receipts are estimated at Rs 11096.25 crore and Capital receipts at Rs 1414.36 crore. Total estimates of State's own tax and non-tax receipts in the Budget Estimates are Rs 831.86 crore and Rs 245.51 crore respectively. Receipt from State's share in Central Taxes & Duties is estimated at Rs 4168.45 crore. During this fiscal year, it is proposed to have a total expenditure of Rs 12420.65 crore out of the Consolidated Fund of the State. Our of this, Rs 9952.35 crore is under Revenue account and Rs 2468.30 crore under Capital account. Out of the total expenditure, an amount of Rs 961.31 crore is charged expenditure and the remaining amount of Rs 11459.34 crore is voted expenditure.

House obseved one minute silence

In today's session, Chief Minister Shri N. Biren Singh gave a statements on natural calamity that occured in various part of Manipur. He said that 19 precious life have been lost, 268 villages have been effected and 20,000 houses were sink or damages due to landslide and flood. About 91 relief camp were opened in the worst effected areas and medical camp were organised to prevent from dreaded diseases. The house observed one minute silence as a mark of respect to those departed souls due to the cause of natural calamity.

Chief Minister Shri N. Biren Singh also presented Third Report of the Business Advisory Committee, 2017 and also moved the motion for allocation of time proposed by the Committee.

Deputy Chief Minister (in-charge of Finance) Shri V. Joykumar Singh moved the motion for Vote on Accounts, 2017-18 for expenditure of the Government of Manipur amounting to Rs 1035,05,43,250.

Discussion on Governor's Address

Governor's Address which has been delivered to the house on 21sl March, 2017 was discussed today in the Assembly. Discussion on the Motion of Thanks on the Governor's Address was moved by Shri Th. Biswajit Singh, Minister (Works/IPR/Power/Commerce & Industries/RD &. PR) and seconded by Shri Awangbow Newmai, MLA. Th. Biswajit Singh highlighted some of the activities and achievements undertaken by the govt. The govt. is working hard in order to bridge the gap between the hills and the valley. Participating in the discussion on Governor's address, MLA Shri Awangbow Newmai said that the Governor address was perfectly suitable. If there is no mutual love and respect, there will be no development and prosperity.

Opposition MLA's Shri Khumukcham Joykisan Singh and Shri Govindas Konthoujam raised their desired of certain amendments to the motion of ihanks to the Governor's address.

While clarifying to the amendments raised by opposition MLA's, leader of the house and also Chief Minister Shri N. Biren Singh said that all the details could not be included in the short Governor's address, however, government has to do all matters pertaining to the core issues being faced by the people. Lok Ayukta Act, 2014 was already in existance during the previous government.

The Chief Minister further said that to solve the unemployed youth problem, skills development programme were taken up by the govt. On the issue of ILP, protection of the indigeneous people of the state is the main concerned of the govt. The govt. will seek opinions of all stake holders in this regard. The govt. has firm stand on protection of territorial integrity of the state. CM added. (DIPR)