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Published on Thu, 29 Jun, 2017 New Initiative

Department of CAD is responsible for taking the Command Area Development and Water Management Programme. This is a centrally sponsored scheme and implemented in the state with a funding pattern of 50:50(state:centre) basis. The Programme is to integrate all the crucial activities for increasing agriculture productivity and production in the command area of irrigation projects leading to better utilization of created irrigation potential through effective and uniform distribution system of water in the command area. The main activities under this programme are as listed below:

i)          Survey & design on Farm Development works.

ii)         Construction of Lined field channel.

iii)        Construction of Field link drain.

iv)        Micro irrigation.

v)         Mechanized land leveling.

vi)        Demonstration of field crops.

vii)       Farmers Training.

viii)      Managerial subsidy(Functional grant and infrastructure grant).

ix)        Monitoring & Evaluation and correction of system deficiencies.

The department is implementing CADWM programmes as ongoing programme in these three projects namely:

(i)              Cluster of 213 M.I. schemes in Imphal East, Imphal West and Churachandpur

Districts covering an area of 9643 ha. CCA.
(ii)            Cluster of 125 M.I. Schemes in Thoubal, Ukhrul and Chandel Districts covering

an area of 8232 ha. CCA and
(iii)            Cluster of 169 M.I. Schemes in Senapati, Tamenglong and Bishnupur District

covering an area of 8899 ha. CCA.

Apart from the above mentioned projects, CADWM works for the following two projects which are included in the 99 prioritised projects of the Government of India is being taken up:

i)         Thoubal Multipurpose Project (Phase-Ill) covering an area of 16536 ha.

CCA. ii)         Dolaithabi Barrage Project covering an area of 5500 ha. CCA.

Formation of Water Users' Association(WUA) in the commands of these projects are taken up in earnest with main focus being taking over of Irrigation System by Water Users' Associations(WUAs).

Another new scheme from the Ministry of Textile, Govt. of India to promote the usage of Geotextile Materials for lining of water reservoirs/ponds which will irrigate the surrounding fields by providing pumps and other irrigation facilities is being implemented one in each district of the state.