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Published on Wed, 28 Jun, 2017 New Initiative



1.      Economic Plantation in RF – 5,60,000 seedlings.

There are 34 Reserved Forests and another 20 Proposed Reserved Forests in theState. Economic plantations is carried out to ensure better vegetation and increase forest density in these ReservedAreas with important economic/commercial species such as Gmelina arborea, Pinus kesiya, Schima wallichii, Dalbergia sissoo, Tectona grandis, Quercus spp., Castanopsis spp., Terminalia myriocarpa, Cedrela toona, Juglans regia etc. In the past 100 days, the State Forest Department has planted 5,60,000 seedling in these RFs.

2.      Social Forestry Plantation – 1,50,000 seedlings.

Social Forestry aims at management and protection of forest and afforestation of barren and deforested lands with the purpose of helping environmental, social and rural development. The Department’s Social Forestry division has taken up 1,50,000 seedlings  plantations in private agricultural lands to fulfil the aims and objectives during the past 100 days.

3.  CAMPA Maintenance work:

Under the Compensatory Afforestation Fund Management & Planning Authority (CAMPA), maintenance of plantations in an area of 6322 ha is carried out. These includes maintenance of CAMPA Plantation (1229 ha.), block plantation under transmission line (18 ha) and maintenance under NPV (5075 ha).

4. Urban Forestry – DM College, Khuman Lampak, 25 Schools & Median plantation maintenance.

Urban Forestry advocates the role of trees as a critical part of urban infrastructure. To bring about green cover in urban areas of Imphal, the Urban Forestry wing has taken up plantations at DM College, Khuman Lampak & 25 others schools and colleges. It also looks after the maintenance of median plantation along Imphal city.

5. Land stabilization and Soil Conservation measures at Sirarakhong Village

The recent landslide which occurred at Sirarakhong village in Ukhrul District, the Department has taken up advance action such as planting of willow (Salix tetrasperma), soil conservation works by wattling of long pegs of poles driven hard into the soil and supported by smaller poles with the intervening space plugged with shrubs to stabilise the soil. The spaces between two wattle lines are also planted with willow as they produce long roots which could withhold soils. The department also created awareness among the villagers with practical demonstration.

6. Maintenance of KLNP

Protection and patrolling activities were carried out on daily basis with casual/MR labourers and staffs in Keibul Lamjao National Park. A total of 28 workers were engaged through the period for strict enforcement inside KeibulLamjao National Park, forest Fire Management and eco-tourism management in Chingmei of KLNP.

7. Maintenance Zoological Garden.

The Zoo in Iroisemba has taken various steps and measures in the past 100 days to provide improvement in the upkeep of the zoo animals such as supply of animal feeds under group I,II,III & IV, rescue of wild animals from different part of the state, upkeep of cleanliness along the premises, vaccination of animals, de-worming of animals, feed supplements with vitamins & minerals, treatment of traumatic injuries in animals at state veterinary hospital in Sanjenthong, reinforcement of walls with rubber paint, painted wire mesh in Leopard enclosure, providing shades for visitors at ticket counters, shingling of visitors path for Sambar and Deer enclosures and construction of enclosure for cheetal.

8. Construction of Rest Camp at Shirui National Park.

The Rest camp at Peak No 2 of proposed Shirui National Park is constructed withall Iron Grid structure along with proper flooring. Furthermore, repairing of Kingdom Ward’s Rest camp and construction of 2 (two) kacha toilet has been carried out in the peak No. 2. Iron railings have been constructed along the steep trekking route for tourists welfare.

9. Regularisation of 252 Casual employees in Forest Department.

Under the patronage and kind approval of the present government, the services of 252 casual employees who have been serving in the Department on casual basis for the last 20 to 30 years have been regularised on12th of June, 2017.

10. Revenue collection:

The revenue collected so far during the last 79 days from the Forest Department is to atune of Rs.3,51,63,556(from 1st April, 2017 upto 18th June, 2017).